need to minimize ceiling clutter 

Designed for architects to minimize design clutter.

No matter the function of the unit inside, each product looks the same on the outside because it is comprised between a base and a cover.

The covers are designed to be as visually non-obstructive as possible. Available in any RAL color, various materials, and finishes, you can arrange your need in a neat configuration and watch them blend and disappear into your interior.

Developed in collaboration with Amsterdam Architects Beyond Space


need is compliant with all norms 

Certified for the European market CE, EN-54 series EN 14604:2005

Need smoke detector will be available for both household use as well as fire detection and alarm systems applications.

All need products are developed, tested, and certified to comply with CE and EN 54 fire detection and fire alarm systems series of European standards that includes product standards and application guidelines for fire detection and fire alarm systems as well as voice alarm systems


need think ahead, think sustainable 

Sustainable design from the ground up.

All components are made from recycled materials. From the aluminum covers up to the plastics of each unit.

Its simple, single-material designs enable us to efficiently repair, re-use, or recycle each part.

Need commits to further reducing electronic waste with a unique return program, aligned with the ambition to become the first cradle-to-cradle manufacturer in this industry.

All our products are designed in Amsterdam and made in the EU, keeping global transport waste minimum.


need details make the difference 

Save time, money, and lives.

Need’s design excels in simplicity. They are created with the architect and electrician in mind. Its smart details, like easy cage clamp wire connectors, and a base with crosshairs and self-centering cone shape, offer quick, easy, and perfect installation every time.

Thanks to the bayonet mount of both base and cap maintenance and replacement are tool-less.

Once installed the cover works as a large push-button to control the unit while the LED ring in the top indicates its status.